The Bag by Deglupta


This rounded-shaped precious box, which can keep all your personal effects, surprises you for its practicality and lightness.


Compact and dynamic, this piece is characterized by a perimeter zip and by a versatile sub-division of the internal spaces.


Linear and essential shapes for this spacious and sophisticated clutch. Perfect for the day and in the evening, it contains an useful satchel.


Structured and elegant, this model is thought to be a spacious bag, which thanks to its adjustable leather satchel, contained within the bag, can be also worn over the shoulder.


Perfect synthesis between elegance and practicality, this bag, with its soft design, can be adapted to the shape of the body and to the posture of who wears it.


Casual and soft, this piece presents a gracious curling at the bottom, which confers dynamicity to the bag and at the same time enriches the leather painting.


Essential and spacious shopper, perfect for the daily dynamicity of each woman, who wants to bring her own world with her everywhere.


Minimal and structured line for this piece, which can be the perfect suitcase or travel bag. A soft adjustable chord satchel, located within the bag, increases the practicality of the piece.