Unique Pieces

Through its products, Deglupta wants to convey beauty and uniqueness, eliciting a visual and tactile emotion. Each bag is a unique and numbered piece, which allows to trace the productive process associated to that specific bag. The originality of each Deglupta’s product is guaranteed by the certificate that is put into each single bag.

Pezzi Unici Numerati e Dipinti a Mano - Deglupta

A Bag for Each Personality
A Colour for Every Emotion

Each person will find the best-matching bag in Deglupta’s world. As a matter of fact, each piece is exclusive and uncopyable, thanks to a unique style, model, colour and pattern, just like a unique personality.


Thanks to an international and multifaceted company’s vision, the artists that Deglupta selects come from all over the world. Trying to convey high-end fancy expressive meanings, the willingness of the company is that to confer to each creation of Deglupta an unmistakeable prestige. With its participation to several events and visual art contests, Deglupta also contributes to the progression of new emerging artists.


The realization of each Deglupta bag is entrusted to the experienced handicraft work of Italian leather goods, which studies and defines together with the company the most suitable portion of leather canvas for each component of the final bag and for the specific model that will be realized, adding more value to the painting that was previously created on the leather.
Each accessory, from the internal lining to the smallest metallic component, is carefully selected to reach an absolute aesthetic harmony.


Custodian of an immense and invaluable artistic and cultural heritage, Venice is a unique city, and so are Deglupta’s products. Melting pot of contemporary arts, Venice is the location of events with international prestige, such as the Biennale, one of the oldest and most important international contemporary art exhibitions, which still has the goal of promoting new artistic trends worldwide. In the same way, the more recent Arte Laguna Prize is another important event, to which the company is affiliated since several years.


The name of the brand refers to one of the most extraordinary expressions of nature, the Eucalyptus Deglupta tree (as known as Rainboy Tree), which is characterized by its rainbow-colored bark. More precisely, the brand recalls the general anatomy of each tree, establishing a suggestive analogy which tries to explain its manufacturing process.

  • Roots: they represent the artists, the essential base for the realization of each product.

  • Log: it represents the art, driving force of the entire Deglupta’s project.

  • Branches: they are the multiple projects and collaborations, to whom the company aims to.

  • Fruits: they represent the final products – the bags and accessories.